Vision & Mission


To Be A Reinsurer Of Preference.


To serve insurance companies in Kuwait and abroad to the highest standards by providing optimal, reliable, and innovative reinsurance solutions, using sophisticated data analysis systems and granting the maximization of our shareholders’ wealth. Working within an environment of fairness, transparency and responsibility, we go out of our way to contribute to the insurance industry and the welfare of the society in which we operate. In doing so, we aim to attract and develop world class talent in the insurance industry and to create a professional and attractive work environment, using our knowledge and expertise to provide accessible reinsurance services worldwide.


Agility and responsiveness are key principles within Kuwait Re that promote lean structures and real-time decision making. Furthermore, we invest in the continuous development of technical knowledge and expertise in the ever-changing reinsurance field, aspiring to become a leading resource in reinsurance.

We take pride in the development of local community and local talent, promoting a company culture of corporate entrepreneurship. By linking rewards to individual achievements and business results, we promote ownership and empower our people to continuously be on the path of self-improvement.

At KuwaitRe, we recognize transparency & reliability are the backbone of our business, ensuring open and honest communication both internally and externally and continuously fulfilling our promises and obligations, and creating a sustainable bond with our clients. Always in the pursuit of excellence, we achieve business targets and strive to exceed both our and our clients’ expectations to be the preferred reinsurance partner.